• Frankenstein - Play directed by Danny Boyle

    In october, there was a special operation in the cinemas all around the world : they broadcast this new production of Frankenstein directed by Danny Boyle (in fact there were two versions of the play with an inversion of the actors). Of course, I was present at the first version of the play because the actor who played the creature was Benedict Cumbarbatch (Sherlock), and you know I am totally in love of him.

    The story

    I think everybody know the story of Frankrenstein. It deals with a mad-doctor who tries to create scientifically an human being who lives like him. And his experience is successfull, a creature appears, but the doctor Frankrenstein is afraid, this creature is absolutely horrible, so he decides to drive out his work. The creature wanders, but as if it was a beast, it is rejected by the others. One day, it arrives in the house of a blind man. This man becomes immediately fond of the creature, and he decides to educated it. It becomes a good man, with worthes and morality, but the old man wants that it meets his children. The creature refuses, it knows that it's very ugly. But one day, the old man's son and his wife comes earlier, so Frankenstein must stay and meet them. This the beginning of the end...

    Why this adaptation is amazing?

    At first, as I said above, I am a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, so it was easy for me to appreciate this play since he played the creature and he was absolutely amazing. During the firts minutes, the audience saw the "birth" of the creature, so he's like child or a little animal, which makes his first steps. He isn't able to speak so he screams (like an animal). It was fascinating (and also a little bit frightening. 

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